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Welcome to ENZO'S International

Your Import / Export & Customs Management Services with the perfect solutions for your international Business. We can work on your cargo on time which helps your business continue moving.
As your Agent we will:

  1. ISF Filing

    Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2) is a mandatory extra layer of security of Ocean Freight (Vessel) imports. It informs US Customs: Importer, goods and shipper details before the shipment enters the United States. (ACI for Canada, ENS for the Europe).

  2. Documentation

    To avoid delays and possible difficulties, both in the shipment of the cargo and upon arrival at US customs; It is important to have the documents with the necessary and accurate information. Basically: B/L, CI, PL, COO and the correct HTS.

  3. Continuous Bond

    For frequently imports into the USA, we recommend you to purchase an annual bond to avoid purchasing a bond for every shipment. Annual Bond is a great saving and will keep your goods flowing thru USA ports.

  4. Arrival Notice

    The consignee or notify party designated may will be notified via an arrival notice within 5 days or less of port arrival, by the delivery agent listed on the B/L. Several documents need to be filed with customs before your shipment arrives at port.

  1. Customs Clearance

    Customs will process your shipment: *Inspecting the paperwork *Determinate if duties apply *Request duty payment, *Following confirmation of payment *Release of import. The consignee is responsible for payment of any duties, taxes, and other fees.

  2. Some Advices

    ETDs and ETAs are never guaranteed by the sea carrier and are subject to change at any time. Keep in mind that it can take up to 7 days before the cargo is loaded at the loading port. Ocean freight is generally cleared within 1 or 2 days of the ship landing in port.


From loading port to final destination

Logistis Chain / Warehouse Release


Leave it in our hands

Highly recommend insuring your cargo

Secured peace of mind

Documents reception and reviewed

We can move your cargo and coordinate all import or export from loading point to final destination. Coordinating all shipping documents with all parties, maintaining a strict job of monitoring your cargo.

We will always keep you updated step by step on the status of your cargo. You relax, leave everything in our hands.

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HTS verification

We will request from you to send us the most based documents. We will review all and each of them.

Several documents need to be filed with customs before your cargo departs the port. Correct documentation will help determine the correct HTS, and avoid paying extra, wrong duties and any delays. ISF help you cargo moves.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule
goods in trade for duty

Upon arrival at the port of entry, your documentation will be ready for verification, thus keeping your merchandise moving to avoid additional charges or extra days.

Correct information
easier imports